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September 4, 2010 at 4:03 pm

Roman live music! Primo Maggio, Crystal Fighters and Franz Ferdinand (Alex Kapranov). 2010

I feel very guilty for not having made any video last week. It’s not that I didn’t have time or I’ve been lazy or whatever. It’s just that the footage I took weren’t very good and it would have been hard for me to make a whole video with that stuff.
So put a couple of things together and I made this video which is basically “the best of my week”. I had some hard time with subtitles, so hope you guys enjoy it.

I want to thank the Crystal Fighters that let me hang out with them and film them. They also let me use their track:
Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth

They make great music. If you guys want to know more about them, visit their MySpace:
Check out their videos as well:

I also filmed the “concertone del primo maggio 2010″ and Alex Kapranov from the Franz Ferdinand djing.

A big thank also goes to everyone else in the video. Thank you guys. I had a great time with you.

So, my mission for a month of may is:
more sport, healthy food and no alcohol.

What’s your mission?

Leave me a comment or a video response.

Thank you guys for watching.
Love :)