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January 10, 2013 at 9:29 pm

Look up! Hidden rooftops in San Francisco.

How many times have you found yourself noticing something new while walking on a street you walk on every day? I bet that the new thing has always been out of your sight because you’d never looked up before.
Someone says that people never look up until they flat on their backs. How often do you look up? Shaun always does.

A few months ago, I met Shaun. He’s an experienced rooftops explorer. We decided to go on a mission together.

Accessing rooftops in San Francisco is not the safest thing to do. It might even be slightly illegal but, in the end, nobody is intended to hurt anybody and the only thing that gets stolen is peace.

The art all around that parking lot in the Mission was very inspiring but, of course, we were looking to get some more inspiration from above. There was only one possible way to the top of that roof. The fire escape.

Hidden rooftops in San FranciscoShaun studies evolution of consciousness and he shared with me some pretty thoughtful insights on life.
He thinks that the human body is an antenna that captures signs in the field of consciousness.

What Shaun was saying was pretty interesting to me. When we took some time to meditate in the silence of that place I started thing on how the internet is nothing but the physical materialization of that concept. Giving us the possibility to spread what we perceive and to add infinite pieces of information to the ultimate collective brain with the aim of inspiring, connecting and even creating beauty where others can’t see it.

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Screenatorium – Les Echappees De L’Eternite
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Huxley Met Soda – War Sirens
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Misfilter – Want It All
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